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Edi Edi


Jean-Éric Vergne is a two time Formula E champion & Alexander Jakobi is a sports visionary and entrepreneur.

A conversation by a pool in sunny Santiago started everything; we asked ourselves, why is it that if you want a drink to give you a bit of a release, you need alcohol? Surely, we could find some form of drink that can help us relax but also fit with our healthy lifestyles and remain sharp for the race ahead?

We realised we need a new kind of spirit.

As we were both involved in Formula E, we'd seen first hand how racing without petrol can break conventions. Therefore, we knew it’s possible to disrupt and create enjoyment without the negative effects of alcohol.

A new drink, in harmony with our wellbeing – this is how our race began!

We needed a great team; a Master Blender supported by a global team of liquid developers and innovators set to work crafting and breaking boundaries.

We were on a quest for the ultimate new drinking experience.

After months of hard work, we established the Endorphin Dealer Institute in January 2020, to produce endorphin-led alternatives to alcohol.

We look forward to you joining us as we pioneer a fully functional, groundbreaking category of drinks.

We can’t wait for you to enjoy Edi and to see where this adventure leads us.

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